The cat owner couldn’t hold her tears after discovering where was her cat going, leaving her kittens


We have set of proving stories that our furry four-legged friends can be more merciful than me sometimes are. This is one of that kind.

The hero of today’s is Mila and cute cat who lives with her owner. One day when she went out for her usual walk it ended with bringing kittens.

The mother Mila was so attentive and caring one but then one day everything changed and her family noticed that their fluff disappears for a while.

Before going she feeds the kittens and then leavs and like this every day. Once her owner decided to follow her to understand where the cat was going and what she found out she could not come to her senses for a long time.

She found out that the cat went to the near forest to feed the newborn squirrels with her milk.

We don’t know when their mother disappeared and when they became so closely connected but the cat’s mother instincts do not let her to leave the orphans alone.

Their human mother decided to take the squirrels home so that everyone would be good and comfy.

Now the babies are doing pretty fine.

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