12-year-old builds LEGO wheelchair for unwanted puppy, so she can enjoy life and feel love


The inspiring stories in our reality are a lot. One of them we want to represent to you. A 12 years old genious boy built a wheelchair, for a 2 legged pup, so the latter would have more abilities and could get more love.

He really was able to change the dog’s life. This is Gracie, a one year old adorable pup, with whom life was very unfair. She was born without her front legs, and her life was a great mess.

But everything went from bad to worse when her family gave up on her and she was left all alone and ended up being in a shelter.

In the face of all difficulties, she won over everything. She is so sweet and friendly and went straight to the owner’s heart. The family immedeately fell in love with her when they were taking care for Gracie.

And it was easier for them to take care of her as they had already adopted a paralyzed and one 3 legged fellows. At least they knew how the latter should walk for not hurting himself.

As Gracie was still growing she needed a wheelchair that could be adapted. So the boy came with a brilliant idea, to build it from Lego.

It exceeded all the expectations. Thanks to him Gracie now has the chanse to live like a normal pet. More details about this story you will get by watching the video, below!!

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