A kind woman rescued a stray and terrified dog who became lost during heavy snowfall


Kristina was one day driving her car when noticed a dog that was freezing outside on the side of the road.

The dog is a labrador. At first the pup had such a hopeless face and did not trust the woman. But the woman stopped her car to help the poor one.

So Kristina did everything to help the dog get into the car. And of course she faced some difficulties but then everything was fine and the puppy was in the car.

It took some tortillas and 30 minute from the woman to get the dog into the car.

When the puppy understood the the lady was going to save him and rescue him from this hazardous life he hopped into the car. The woman didn’t even notice that somebody captured the scene.

Then we found out that she saved a lot of animals as she is fond of these beautiful and innocent creatures.

She started searching for the family of the dog or find out wether the letter had a pup or not.

If there won’t be any respond, the sweet canine will be adopted. Thanks to this benevolent woman the puppy is now safe and sound.

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