Lion dad struggles to take care of cubs while their wounded mum was in recovery


Taking care for your offsprings has always been a lot of work. It needs much efforts and actually not only human beings can come across to such kind of things.

The real example of this is this poor lion dad of five. He might be the king of the jungle but when it comes to parenting he becomes so helpless.

In these funny pictures we see a lion with his five cubs that are very energetic and are just blowing his mind. He really tries his best to look after them but they are so active that cannot handle it.

They really look so funny. The lion was made to take care for his cubs as their mother was taken to the hospital, as she was beaten by another lioness.

Although she had some minor injuries, she had to stay away from her children for some days. We see that Singa tries his best but he is really struggling.

A week later their mother JJ came back as she was fully recovered. We can’t say who was happier, the babies or their dad but the family is so cute.

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