Lost puppy gives paw to stranger. You’ll never believe what happens next


Meet Fram, who was found by a road wandering. It was obvious that he was not looked after for a long time. They were very attentive to the dog as he hadn’t bben fed during las days and they did not want to scare him.

The poor soul was next to a busy street so they did not want to terrify him or make any unexpected moves. So they were very gentle and patiente.

And their tolerance gave it’s rewards as the little one slowly started trusting them and approaching. Then gave his paw to them.

He showed that trusted the people by giving them his paw. They got the pup into the car and took him to the vet straight away, as it was obvious that the latter was suffering from lots of problems.

As it appeared the poor soul had multiple ticks, fleas, mange. After receiving a full treatment and a bunch of cuddlings, affection and care Fram became a wholy fresh pup and is now searching for his new forever family.

Your heart would be cought after seeing this video. This so touching and at the same time exciting.

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