The couple rescued a dog lost in the snowy mountains in a freezing cold, this is really a miracle


This labrador was found in mountans looking very weak and hopeless. He was lost for almost two weeks. A couple noticed him and rushed to rescue.

The video of rescuing him was uploaded into social media and gone viral. He got lost in Wicklow mountains in Ireland.

This heroic man carried him in the snowy mountains. And he did not care about the the cold but the man did not hesitate and the only thing he thought was to save the pup.

As the dog was frozen he could not move so man had to carry him for 10 km and returne to his owner. The couple had really tried their best to convince the dog to go with them. As he was not trusting them at first.

It seemed as if he understood that he will be taken and saved from that cold and freezing place. The couple put a coat on the labrador so that he warmed up a bit.

Thanks to their attention and kindness the dog is safe and sound.
Now he lives happily. After being properly fed and having a warm shower.

They took the puppy to vet. After some time he and his health will be better.

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