The mother dog cried for help because she was exhausted and was not able to fed her puppies properly


Mother instincts and their feelings are like another world. This mother dog was crying and begging for help as she was not able to fed her little pups.

She has three puppies and they cry for support as they are hungry and do not have anything to eat. They look so tired.

As their mother did not have any milk to fed them the poor babies lived their life as poor and exhausted since they were born.

Fortunately a kind woman noticed them and took them immedeately to a vet. As it turned one of them was ill but luckily the other duo was healthy.

Their mommy was cured there and all of them were properly fed and looked after.

Two month treatments gave its praises and as she felt better she could take care of her puppies already. She was able to fed all of them. As she gained weight she looks prettier day by day.

This beautiful family was saved and adopted by a cute and wonderful family. All of them now enjoy themselves.

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