This is aardwolf, the cutest animal you’ve probably never heard of


I’m wondering have you heard of aardwolves? If you are going to answer no, then go on and read this article. Enjoy the cuteness below.

They live in underground burrows. You surely will not believe me if I say that these species belong to the same family as the hyena, but unlike them, they only eat termites, like aardvarks.

They do not like digging their own burrows so they inhabit the ones that were abandoned by other animals. It is really interesting, right?

During most seasons they are nocturnal animals unlike winter when they sleep in the night.

They are so family oriented and monogamous creatures. They stay with the same partner for their whole lives.

Another interesting fact is that they have very steaky and long tongues that they use to catch all those little termites. One of them can eat over 300000 in one night.

This is one of those unique cases where adults are the same cute as their children. They can grow to the same size as a regular common fox.

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