Grizzly bear ‘super mom’ gives birth to her 17th cub despite her old age


This bear is very well known. She is a super mom bear that had her 17th baby at the age of 24. And she even continues producing her babies. They live in Natinonal Park at Grand Teton.

In the wild this types of bears life up till 26th age but that did not stop our super hero from having her litter 4 cubs. Actually for grizzly bear 4 cubs are rear not considering their age.

She is known as Grizzly 399. She became so famous that there were even social media pages created on her name. She was on roads many times and by that got well known she did that to avoid males who kill young cubs.

All of these pics were taken by Kate and Adam. And when they spoke they mentioned that these family was very often seen on the busy roads. And they are very well known in their surroundings.

Everyone was shocked to hear of her having four children. And it seemed as if she was prooving everybody wrong. She is one of the most famous documented animals.

Kate, the photographer, was amazed with them. She loves being near places where are people and it’s a great opportunity for them to be seen by people and for people to get deeper into their lives.

But she also a wild bear and should not be approached by people.They raise their children on the roadsides in this way to protect them from dangerous males.

This couple Kate and Adam live in their van so that they can be closer to the animals and the park that they love so much.

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