A loyal dog does not stop staring at the sea waiting for his owner who was a fisherman without knowing that he died


This is Jolie Mejia and her family that made a decision to have a rest in the seaside near Peru.

So while their vacation they noticed that there was a dog who was a proof of true love and loyality. He was very clean and it was obvious that he was looked after very well.

He did not look abandoned. So they became curious why the dog was staring at the ocean. They gave some food to him and waited for his owner.

When they found out the truth they were shocked. It appeared that he had an owner who was a fisherman and who passed away.

The pup was so faithful to his owner that he continued waiting for him and looking at the ocean.

This story is really famous among the people who live there or visit the shore. So he is looked after and kept by them.

His name is Vaguito and altough his family left him, a woman that lives nearby lookes after him. He never stopped casting out at the sea and his loyalty is something undescribable.

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