The dog weeps hopelessly and countlessly understanding that the owners brought and left him in the animal shelter


Two dogs were brought to the animal shelter as their owners can’t look after them appropriately.The dog weeped so bitterly and hopelessly. He understoodn that his oners left him there all alone.

Both of them were so friendly and helpfu. They understood that now they were living with their other animals but not with their lovely family as they used to live.

Before being brote to the saving shelter they were strolling on a chain beside each other.

However, both of them miss their home and each other. They began an online campaign for this pups to be adopted.

The littleone was weeping in the shelter because of being away from his brother. His name is AJ and he is 6 years old.

He is such a cute and delightful dog. Now he is very playful, but he misses his brother from time to time. His heart touching story spreads through social media widely and very quickly.

When he was carried out from the shelter his cry was changed into smile. We are so happy for him.

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