When this giant horse starts his trot? This is mind-blowing!


The foal in the clip is one of the best mares that you could have ever seen. His is Buffalo and he lives in Belgia.

Standing on the field, he has such a kind look, but as belgian horses are quite tall and large, so he is not that large for them.

His magnificant aura is controlling. At first glance you will think that he is not able to run but when he starts running you foorget about everything.

Their owner is one of the most well-known breeders thanks to the sizes of his stallions. They may reach more than 2000 pounds. And also they are considered to be one the heaviest horses in the world.

They commonly have long thick tails but this one has a docket tail. Owners commonly do this so that they won’t get cought in aharness.

However, some areas have banned this kind of activity as they consider that it is harmful for horses.

He does not seem to be bothered with his tail. And also it is so pleasing watching him running with that much confidance.

Look at this stunning one below, and share your opinion with us.

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