Magnificant lion hugs little cub, adorably recreating Lion King Mufasa and Simba moment


We all have heard about the Lion King movie right? And all of us have seen the all parts of it. It became very well-known and the famous dad and son conqoured everyone’s heart.

But I’m curious what would you say if you see a real-life Mufasa and Simba? I’m sure all of you will enjoy the pleasing pics.

Well, this wildlife photographer was able to get a very wonderful time of a fabulous lion and his son. It was like a real recriation of famous Disney movie.

This pictures were taken by a Parisian photographer Sabine Bernert, who was workin on a documentary.

In the scene she took a magnificant lion was illustrating his area, while one of his cubs probably, the most playful one ran to him and asked for a big-big cuddle.

She was collecting photos for children book and look what an amazing moments she could catch. The photographer mentioned, that at first the lion pretended as if he had not notised the babies.

But then he started playing with all of them and having fun.They are so joyous and happy together, We can even feel their mutual affection while simply watching at the pictures. They are very wondorous.

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