Thankful donkey can’t help smiling after being saved from drowning in flood by rescue group


If animals could talk like we do, they would tell us so much. Of course they are not as intellectual as we humans are but this story is a proof of how thankful these creatures can be.

This story is about a saved donkey. The misarable creature was in severe flooding. It was drowning and struggling for its existence.

We never think that many of the animals are left to die during floodings as we forget about them and save only people. We forget that they need as much help as people do.

In these situations every second is counted. And gratefuly there are sitations when the saviours are able to rescue both people and pets.

The donkey of our story was one of that happy souls. It was saved during a flood.

Due to her faithful handler the rescueing team arrived on the right moment and she was rescued. There were lots of risks during that but the team made endless efforts to save him.

All their efforts were paid back when the donkey was rescued and smiled widely all the time. His grateful face expression was priceless.

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