3 week-old baby fox lost mom and got adopted by a dog and cat


All animals are wonderful and pure creatures. They can create inseparable bonds with other species beings. When a tiger, a bear and a lion live together as one family there is nothing strange about that.

Everything can be overcame by love. This story is such a heart warming one. This fox lost its mother in a traffic accident and a dog adopted it and took on the role of mother to the defenseless cub.

She provided it withb all her devotion and care. Fox’s name is Dinozzo. He was saved by officials and taken to a hospital. And he found his loving family in this place.

Angelika and Werner are animals lovers, that could not take their eyes away from the defenseless infant fox in the clinic. So they decided to take him home with them.

Little Ziva and Leopold shared the same roof as the fox did.

They love playing, sleeping and eating. The three have a lot of fun together. They created such a great bong with each other and loved being with each other everywhere.

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