A family of orangutans and some otters have an amazing friendship


The friends are different and the friendships as well. Are you ready to see one of the most unique and adorable friendships ever?

Family of orangutans has stolen hearts by befriending with some otters.

I’m sure you cannot even fancy how cute this is. They are so so sweet. Just look at their majestic pictures. They were captured at Belgian Zoo.

The zoo spokesman has talked about their unusual friendship. Dad Ujian, mom Sari, and their 4 years old son are such a nice orangutan family.

In their zoo many species of animals share their nests with other kinds. And all of them live happily and gartefully their life. Loving and caring for each other.

That’s what we really need in human world. We need more love, more trust and less hate. This is an amazing examle of friendship that shows that all species can live together and still be happy.

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