Family fleeing Ukraine refuses to leave elderly dog behind, carry her across the border


All of us continue praying for the people of Ukraine. Our hearts are still with them. Out of all chaos there appear many stories. Some of them are sad the other ones inspiring and mention the bravery of the people.

A woman who recently left Ukraine told her story how she had to leave much of her life behind but she could not leave her elderly dog there alone, she was even ready to carry him across the border.

Alisa is 35 year old ukranian lady. She had opportunity to leave war-torn Kyiv for Poland,reaching to the border was not easy.

Lots of people were waiting on the border to meet their relatives because of Russian military attack.Driving a single car, with her mom, sister, their husbands, four children and a dog. They had to drive for almost 16 hours.

When they reached the village to reach the border they had to walk for almost 10 miles, in cold weather. And this walking journey was hard for their 12 years old dog.

He could hardly walk, no one wanted to help all they said was to leave the dog all alone there. Millions of people left Ukraine to some European countries. Some of them went to their working relatives and the others continued their way to other countries.

Alisa lost everything. She lost her dad recently and now she had to flee her home. And now she was not going to give up on her.

He is a family. He lived with them all the happy and sorrowful moments. He is all that is left from their former life. So they decided to took him on their arduous journey.

In the photo is shown the moment when Alisa’s husband carries their dog on his shoulders. Then for seven hours they were put into a crowded tent. All of them were there with their dogs. The moment was really hard for them.

Another disasturous news arrived, her husband was not allowed to leave the country and she went to Poland without him.

She did not know what she wanted to do in the near future but the one thing she is sure in is that she wants her spouse back.

Our prayers are with you Ukraine.

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