Meet the millionaire who spent his entire fortune on saving stray dogs


Affection for pups is endless, but when this love comes to real actions this is something very different. This is Wang Yan who dedicated his life to rescuing dogs.

He spent all his fortune in three years. This kind man decided to found a rescue shelter in Changchun city.

He almost put each penny for the centre of pups. With his deeds Wang gave a whole new life to the stray puppies.

There are almost 200 dogs in the centre now, that lead their happy lives with them. He was inspired to do so when lost his own personal dog.

In the age of 29 he has almost saved more than 2000 dogs. Every penny that he got has gone for the centre, the food the treatements and so far and so forth.

He cares for each dog in the shelter as his own and the puppies love him back so much. And he never accepted money from people who want to adopt them only donations of food and other supplies.

We really do need such type of people in our gloomy world.

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