Meet the oldest cat in the world who is 31 years old and still has many lives left


Some 26 years ago this kitten chose his people by just appearing in their backyard. His name is Nutmeg and he is considered to be the eldest cat of the world.

Actually he is 31 years old which is same as human 141 years.In 1990 his lovely owners accepted him to their house.

Liz and Ian were really happy to accept him to their family. They had another cat as well Spice. And they were very good friends.

The vets said that Nutmag is the oldest kitty of the world. But to get the qualification of Guinness Records, the owners showed the documents that proved his age.

This fact is very tricky but they are working on it.

Last year he was suffering from a serious stroke. Now he is up and is growing stronger with every day so far.

All people around him wonder how many lives does he have.

We hope that this kitty will have a long and good life.

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