Five times stabbed police dog gets a hero’s welcome as he returns to duty after recovery


We always praise policemen and their job done. But let’s not forget police dogs that do a great deal of job as well. Sometimes they are veen capable to do much more than the humans.

For example they can find a missing person by their scent and also follow the suspect. To say in a sentence, they protect us with any price.

They are always ready to put their own lives under risk and it tells alot about them. A such kind of case happened when a serving dog got wounded and then fortunately he healed and got a warm welcome back to his duties.

The pup’s name is Kaiser. He was working when his handler got a call about a home invader in London.

When they reach at the crime place, Kaiser was able to take the thief down but sadly he got stabbed several times by the armed criminal.

But even in that condition he continued keeping the suspect.

The cuts were not so serious and the puppy was soon very soon recovered, but he got back to work only after two months.

The working staff gave him a toy as a sign of welcome and he was thrilled by that gift.

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