This dog was born with a color that people think he wears a suit — but this is a gift from nature


Sometimes Mother Nature is so generous to us, she sometimes give us such unique features that we stand out from the whole society by just our appearance.

Such case happened whith this dog named Mu. He is so different, his body looks like as if it belongs to another dog. Also he has more than 13,000 followers on his accounts.

For dachshung he has a usual colour of head, but its body is so different. He is from Florida USA and lives there with Victoria and his boyfriend.

The girl said that the colour is not because of any disease, it’s just that nature gifted him in such a unique way.

According to her, Mu does not only have an outstanding appearance, but also an interesting character. Pass by him and not be surprised is like a sin. Sometimes people even think that it’s such a suit that he wears.

Around him his owners are never able to get bored. This cutie pie loves keeping order and adores almond and watermelon.

He is like a superstar in the world of pups. And his unusual image goes well with his personality.

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