A loyal dog guarded for his friend dog for a week who fell into a cistern, true friendship between two dogs


This two dogs Tillie and Phoebe got lost when their owner was having a party and forgot to close his house’s front gates. They were missing for almost a week.

Their handler told us that they never even wanted to leave the house without their owner. Tille went out and Phoebe followed him. And the latter fell into the cistern, but Tillie did not leave his side and guarded him very carefully.

It was very difficult to find them. They had not eaten anything for dys. Tillie is 11 years old and had been adopted since childhood and the other one is 4 years old and was adopted 2 years ago.

After a long searches they were found after a week. The two of them are inseparable and the true example of love and devotion.

After being found they had a special burger party, played with their toys and enjoyed their good music. They have a special GPS collar not to get lost again.

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