Garbage truck driver finds tiny dog in trash collection and saves her life


We often hear stories when the animals especially dogs appear in trash. They are either thrown away or appeared there accidentaly.

This kind of story happened in this case when a driver saw and noticed this tiny little puppy. Thanks to him this little one avoided a terrible fate.

One of his working days he noticed that he had a special guest in his truck.

Then he found out that it was a white tiny dog. He did not know how exactly the dog appeared in his truck but the fact remained that he ended up there.

Obviously the little soul went through a lot but he would have ended worse if the man had not spotted him. The poor one would have found his end in the trash compactor.

Fortunately he is safe and sound now and in stable condition. But they are still investigating the case so that’s why he is not put for adoption yet, as he should remain in a protective custody.

Of course there remain lots of questions that have no answers yet. But everyone who knows this story agrees that this dog is a true hero. Every day the investigators get plenty of questions about him as well.

Thanks him the puppy lives now and we hope that he will find a good loving home very soon.

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