Heartwarming moment two former circus lions step on grass for the first time


When we hear about animals kept in cages it is really heartbraking, especially when it comes to majestic lions.

These wild handsome cats should live freely and enjoy their lives being in jungles. Sometimes they are forsed to something they do not want to do.

So for two of these lions their sufferings came to an end when the rescue team did their best to set them free, and the moment when they touch the grass for the first time in their life is nothing more than emotional.

Meet Tanya and Tarzan two beautiful felines that had to live in little cages for more than 8 years.

All those years they were untreated, but fortunately the saviours heard about their story and rushed to help them.

These giants, we know, are very brave and strong creatures, but they were so scared and confused they did not know how to react or what to do. They life that they lead left a deep and bad mark on their soul.

These adorable creatures were so neglected one cannot even imagine. Beyond everything the most touching moment is when they touched the grass the forst time. You just need to see it.

Watch their video below.

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