Lost baby moose finds soldier in the forest and asks for help


Wild animals usually get uncomfortable when they appear in the precense of humans. This soldier got a pretty good surprise when he went for a walk in the woods.

A little baby moose came close to him and started to kiss him and the man understood immediately that the litter got lost and did his best to try and save him.

When he heard a sound of cry he initially thought that it was a cat, but it appeared to be a tiny confused moose. The soldier, Erich never thought that he could have such an experience under these circumstances.

The pretty small creature was trying to tell or inform about something to him. He was one of the cuttest and one of the most wonderous creatures ever.

Then he found out that the baby was totally alone and that his mother was no where to find. Erich tried to comfort him.

Nonetheless he was not expecting that this animal would be such a friendly one. He thought of Erich to be very trust worthy and so came closer step by step.

After some time he understood that the poor animal was hungry and decided to fed him. Then came another soldier bringing milk with him. And then he called their vet and asked what to do so the doctor gave him some prescriptions.

After some time he had to leave but to take the moose with him would be bad for the latter, so he had to leave the animal where they met hoping that his mother would come and find him. Fortunately that happened very soon.

Next morning they saw the fottsteps of their on the snow and they became sure that everything wa fine with him.

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