A Scottish boy jumps into a lake to save a stranger’s dog from drowning, risking his life


The hero of our story is a traveler, who loved exploring new places and finding new destinations. He is from Scotland who visited Wales for the first time in his life.

And there he even managed to save a drowning dog. This exactly was the last thing that he could expect.

During his journey, Charlie, the dog, went to chase the ducks and he was so excited about this experience that did not even notice how he got into the water and then suddenly startded drowning because of the depth.

His owner, Jane, was not able to swim and did not know what to do and how to help her dog. She was helpless and hopeless. Left all alone in the woods.

Then out of nowhere a teenager appeared in the water and tries to save the dog. After lond and difficult trials he succeded. Then it turned out that it was deep water and difficult to swim in.

Jane was so thankful that the boy by risking his life saved her pups life . She posted pictures in her story and the boy received lots of gratefulness.

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