Adorable moment bear cubs hold hands as their mom goes hunting for dinner


There are people for whom the wild life is nothing more than a scary and ferocious topic. Very often, it comes up with incredible tender sightings.

One beautiful scene was captured by a wild life photographer, Lewis Kemper, who was at the right place at the right time. He pictured two bear cubs that were holding their hands.

The photos were taken in Lake Clark National Park, when the cubs were waiting and watching their mom getting a supper for them.

He was almost 20 feet away from them at a place were human stand and the bears were not even bothered by him.

They were so hopefully waiting for their mom to bring them something very good to eat and enjoy their supper. But she came barehanded and the two littel souls were so devastated.

They were standing there hand to hand for almsot 20 seconds, until their mom came back.

We always thought that the only thing that bears eat is fish but actually most of them are omnivores and they mainly eat plants.

But these are not the only ones that have been captured holding hands. Years ago Lewis spoted two penguins and posted their pics on social media and they immediately went viral. Just take a look at these cutie pies.

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