Meet the adorable dog with fluffy ears who looks like „Mickey Mouse“


I’m sure all of you have been fans of „Mickey Mouse“ movie during our childhood. But have you ever seen a puppy that exactly alike him? If your answer is no than this article is surely for you.

Meet Goma the puppy from Tokyo that stole everybody’s heart by its wonderous appearance.

She is very famous for her big , soft ears, that make her the same as „Mickey Mouse“. She is 8-years-old. So her wondorous ears are like Maltese but also Papillion, which give her the cartoon-look.

She has bunch of followers on Instagram and her social media page is full of funny photos and clips. That are freshened every day.

Her handler does everything for her to have and enjoy her best life. She has so many toys and also accessories like neck ties and bunny ears. She loves to play with her toys in bed.

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