Woman breaks into animal shelter to save her dog from euthanasia


Dogs are always a family member no matter what. And we always see good in our furry fellows, that’s why most of the dog parents work so hard to train their dogs.

But in the world not all the people see and consider our dogs as the angels as we know and accept them. Especially when it comes to pitbuuls most of the people say very very bad things about them.

Hazel, Toya’s dog has some agression problems toward strangers but she becomes a real sweetheart with it comes to his loved ones.

So the whole city decided that she must be put down. Steward took the situation under her control. When Hazel was 2 months old she was brought to Toy’s house.

In her life she has been through many troubles and shortcomings and battled her own battle all alone. At home she has always been a sweet dog but once she bit the mailman and another samll dog.

After several bite cases, Hazel was considered dangerous for the city and she was ordered to euthanized. Of course her owner did not anything that happened but she could not let her favourite pet be killed.

So she decided that she won’t leave her pup to die and made her mind that she should save her. After several times of failure she finally could break in and save her loved puppy.

She did not want to break any laws, or to harm anyone, all she wanted is her lovely, sweet dog. As she was sure that some kind of trainings would change Hazel to better.

They could spend some days together, when the police could find them and they took the pup back to shelter and Toy to jail. But she did not put her hands down.

However no matter how many times Steward tried to save her, she was still euthanized. Toy could not forgive them.

And she going to have some charges very soon, but the only thing that she could think about is that she was not given the opportunity to bury her furry friend. They did not even give the body to her.

But at least she did her best to enjoy the last moments with her dog. Some people may not understand her position and her decision but the fact remains that Steward was just trying to save her most loved and favourite ever friend.

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