Cop fell in love with abandoned puppy and couldn’t stop adopting him


The workers of the Human Society, were devastated and heartdroken when they saw a tiny pit bull on their back yard.

So he, this poor puppy, survived a very frezzing night outside. He saw is fyture vanished before his eyes. The luck that smiled him, at the moment when this officer entered the safehouse.

Marcus, was about to leave when the caretaker told him that there is a dog that is abandoned. When he saw the pup, he immediately felt the connection between them.

When Marcus took him closer it took only a few minutes for them to fell in love with each other. The staff did not lose the moment and photographed them and their touching moment. That was a great start for the puppy.

So the boy understood straight away that this little one was his and he called his girlfriend and told about him and they decided to adopt them. They named him Kylo.

When this litter entered their home they immediately became friends with the dog the couple already had.
Both of them are loved and happy. The family is very happy to have these two pups.

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