Man builds raft to save swan’s eggs after 10 years of watching her lose them to Mother Nature


Helping people is good, but when you start helping animals it tells about the love and care that you have in your heart.

So this benevolent guy decided to help the swan over the lake which naste always got destroyed by floods or predators.

For almost ten years this poor swan was losing her babies because of various reasons but on this time her faith changed and she finally became a mother. And all this is thanks to that kindhearted guy.

Rob Adamson who saved their lifes, he is the man who was so determined to keep the little birds that built a nest for them that no water or pedators could damage them or their life.

Rob always said that he could not let them die, if he knew that he could do everything to save their life. Said and done.

He said he will save them he did that at the most perfect way. The best was that his efforts were paid off. When eight weeks later they came to the light and started living their own best lives. Adamson could not be any prouder.

Watch the video below to find out more about this happy family!

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