Baby elephant is getting her first bath by mom and wins over the internet


For parents taking their children to bath is another process where they try their best to not hurt their babies. This such an emotional moment for them to happen.

And usually this bath time is reduced to a quick wash using the softest sponge they can find.

This process in animal world is something that is carried out more peacefully. As the animal parents rely more on their instincts than on anything else. Watch the video to see everything more in detail.

Video below shows the moment when the baby elephant is introduced to water for the first time in her life. This hilarious moment will of course make you smile and last that smile through the whole day.

It is obvious that the little one was surprised by what was happening to him. And only tha fact that her mother is around asures her that everything is going to be just fine.

Some time later when she finally gets used to the process and the new experience the baby starts having more fun and enjoying the moment better.

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