Cute cat enjoys being “big brother” of a newborn baby and caresses him: they will be inseparable


As we all know cats are very often considered to be jealous animals, they don;t like sharing love of their owner with other pets or even human being. But this fact is not about Teddy.

He is not jealous of William, and also loves cuddling him. He loves playing the role of a big brother.

The scene where the kitten caresses the baby who is sound asleep stole everyone’s heart. This kind of content surprised everyone as cats are not recognized for being cute pets.

The little baby was born during this 2022 and after the day when he was brought home Teddy protects him, cares for him and even sleeps with William.

In fact they are kind of famous now thanks to their TikTok profile. It already has more than 34 thousand followers.

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