Meet Juniper, the rescued fox who thinks she’s an orange dog


Meet Juniper an adorable red fox that is really very unique and cute. She loves playing and running around the house with her other sibling animals and also adores posing for instagram.

In IG currently she has more than 3m followers. Foxes have great instincts of attemting to hunt. So her favourite gave is to have someone chase her around the house and then turn around and run away from her.

Being very little she was taken to everywhere so she got used to car drives and people, and she loves both.

Her momma told that keeping a fox is not the same as keeping a dog or cat. First of all they are really destructive and will destroy things in the house.

And second of all they smell, really bad. And there is no way that will make them smell less.

And also they need special way of feeding. They should eat meats and bone. And they need taurine to escape lots of difficulties consening to health.

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