11 beautiful years of friendship between lion and caretaker who saved him


Everyday we hear some extraordinary stories about friendship and here comes another one. Frikkie Von Silms spent his all life caring for wild cats in Africa.

For the last 11 years he was looking after Zion. And they have formed a very unique bond.

So Zion is a very gentle and loving lion. He was born in captivity and departed when his dad threatened his existance.

So that’s when he needed this fatherly figure, and during that time Von Solms appeared in his life. He was not able to be gone back to wild again being born in captivity so Frikkie took him as a new born cub.

Being around his care taker he turned into a little cute gentle giant. He was always surrounded by love and care. He is so mild that can even get bothered shoes sounds walking on the ground.

There his lovely caretaker takes off his shoes before taking him out. Some people say that he is just an African cat, but actually they have characters, they have humor and laughter.

This majestic lion has never attacked any human being and his carer fully trusts him.

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