A golden retriever recognized his former owner and could not stop crying after not seeing his owner for 5 years


The man of our story worked in a company and mada a considerably good money. So that he could rent a house and even adopt a dog with whom spent his free time.

They were very connected, and the pup was a very good friend of this man. He always was around during hard timesz always understood him and supported. So they were really good together. It was a gold retriever.

In their life everything was fine and awesome and the man did not have any problems until he fell into depression.

He gave all his money for the treatment of his beloved one then became uneployed and had to move somewhere else to live.

So as he was not able to take care of the pup he gave him to his friend. At first everything was very difficult for him, and he did not even eat anything, but then he got used to this situation after three months.

After some time the former owner visited the dog and the reaction of it was priceless. And it made the man cry.

His eyes were filled with tears and he jumped into his owner’s arms. The man blamed himself for not treating the dog as needed.

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