Abandoned pit bull now lives her best life with the firefighters who rescued found her in a snowstorm


Meet Ashley, the poor pit bull girl, who appeared to be in a place where people were neglecting her. They were barely feding her, and were not bothering to take her out for walks.

One day they even left her outside in a stormy weather. Luckily she was found by a great couple who owned the No More Pain rescue center.

So they got a call that there is a poor family, that do not have electricity and even in that gase they have got a dog. She was left out in a snowstorm.

And when they got the info they rushed to help and drove to the dog’s location. And started searching for him.

After a short time searching they could find the poor creature. It was bitterly cold inside and Ashley did not have any food or water.

The place was horrible. Gratefully, she was okay, and she jumped into the saviours car and could not cover her happiness.

Ashley was so thim that her ribs stuck out of her skin. Also she had cigarette burns on the top of her head . She could not stay inside as there were no place in the shelter, so they found a foster home for her.

Fortunately they had friends in New York Fire Departement. The couple asked the firefighters if they could keep the dog for some time until they were able to find a home for her.

But when she entered the department and started wagging her tail and greeting everybody, the staff there fell in love with her and usked to keep her forever.

They were saying that all of them love her so much and that she is at home with them. So they decided to keep her forever. Ashley found the place where she truly belonged to.

She was having small runs with them walking 30 times a week and getting engless supplies of treats. And they even got a seat for her in the truck.

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