Devoted wildlife keeper takes naps with four orphan bears to help them fall asleep


If you love someone you are ready to everything for them right? So the same comes with wildlife keepers. This wild animal carer was so devoted that was ready to anything to make his favourite bears feel comfortable.

Even if that needed thing was to sleep with them.

The care taker is Jim a man who always loved to help hopeless animals. So the only thing that he did was trying his best to comfort his lovely bears.

So they finally founded a rehabilitation center for bears in New York.

The couple started taking care for so many bears since 1990, that were in need of help themselves. During all these years he never had such a strong connection with animals as he had with bears.

The four of them arrived to thecenter nearly a decade ago and a very strong connection has formed between them.

They are so special friends. You can always see them taking naps together or resting. And beside that they also adore playing in the snow together.

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