Meet the rufous-crested coquette – a unique chubby little hummingbird


The uniqueness of our planet never ends, especially when it comes to birds. They all are so rare and exceptional. You will never find such kind of birds anywhere else.

So we want to introduce you this unique type of hummingbird. This type of birds have fairytale-esque crown that no other fowl can even imagine having. This species are really rare.

They are so unique especially the male ones are never repeated. With the orange crest with black tips. It’s a miracle that you can look at endlessly.

As with all male and female birds this kind’s females do not have any exceptional features they look alike a simple colorful hummingbird.

They exist in subtropical and tropical altitudes. They usually are fed with small insects and spiders on some cases. And they find nectars on little flowers.

They lay only 1 egg at a time. And the breeding season is nothing special.

The males just have short flights around them and the females built their nests with soft plants. And last but not least they put their nests in bushes.

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