A Ukrainian woman rescues senior and disabled dogs to cross the boarder into Poland


Nastya’s parents have animal rescue shelter. She tries to do her best to back them. The creature shield is close Kiev in Irpin.

She may be a genuine saint making a difference the impaired and deserted creatures in require of offer assistance. She makes a difference them to escape from worn-torn nation.

Her spouse whose name is Arthur moreover makes a difference the surrendered creatures to pass the visitor of Poland.

Her photo spread within the social media. She leads pooches. A few of the pooches are on the wheelchair and they are senior or disabled.

Many of the pups see frightened and depleted. The photo appears the unlimited cherish and care to the creatures. A few of the mutts were unfortunate but it does not matter the lady did not donate up.

Thanks to these people lots of dogs were saved. And especially the ones that were disabled. And there are cases even when the little ones were reunited with their owners.

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