Cute German Shepherd is too sociable for the police, so they give him an even better job


We know that service dogs have an imposing statue. And in this way they get respect. Gavel one of these dogs, seems to be very friendly and happy all the time.

He is like the opposite of all this description. Actually he does not fit into this role.

And as a result of his friendly attitude he got kicked out from his police trainings. the good thing is that he still was able to find a new job a perfect fit for him.

After long time of pondering about this question they finally understood that Gavel would be amazing for politics world. And now he is a Vice-Regal Dog.

Everyone enjoyed his glow up. How he progressed from spiring police pooch to Vice Regal Dog. And instead of chasing bad guys he with huge love welcomes the particular guests of the Government House.

His staff really enjoys his presence, and gives a new and bright colour to their working team, by beaing a member of it.

And it really looks like this job is perfect for him. And everyone there wants him to stay for a long long time with them. Into future.

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