Family rescues wild foal stuck in mud as mother impatiently looks on


This kind hearted couple gave a second chance of life to the poor foal, that was a huge danger.

So when they were in their ranch they noticed that a group of horses were behaving unusually and after some time they got that one of them was in big trouble. They rushed to help.

Wild horses in their area are not rare as they come very often to drink some water. But this was the first time that they got a real chance to encounter with them, as they always avoid human presence.

But this time was another one and they really needed help.

As they usually run away, but this time one mare kept coming closer they understood that there was somthing going on. And there they saw a little foal stuck in a mud hole.

Couple knew that this rescue required huge efforts but they were ready for that to save the baby.

When Jordan was trying to pull out the baby, her wife was making some efforts to keep the mom away, so they could work Finally Jordan was able to get the litter out of the mud, and it was worth it.

All in all it took more than one hour to save the little horse.And he told also that it was second or third try that he was able to take out the little one.

Thanks to this brave and beautiful family the mother and her scared foal were able to reunite short after. Sometimes even wild animals that always avoid us need our help.

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