Kind puppy drags her new blanket outside to share with a cold stray dog


This 8-months-old puppy knows more of life than some people she knows the worth of kindness. Her name is Lana.
She was rescued from the streets of Brazil and fortunately has found her loving and forever home.

But what is most amazing about her is that she has not forgotten what it feels like to be out and not have a home.
It was a freezing winter and Lana’s owner decided to buy a warm blanket for her to stay warm.

And then one day he realized that his dog sacrificed her own comfort to make the stray pup warm and comfortable. The one that was on the other side of the fence.

She dragged her blanket outside so that she could share it with a stray dog on a cold winters night.

Her deed was so good. She reminded all of us of such an important thing. That is generosity.She reminded that we are able to make changes in someone’s life.

And the family started to live water and food for the stray dog after what Lana had done.

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