Service dog got his owner through grad school, so the university gave him his own degree


Dogs are the irreplacable companions of people, especially the service pups. They are always around when someone needs them.

This service dog stayed by the side of his owner through all school years and the university decided that he is worthy for huje honor.

So meet the hero of our story Brittany who suffers from complex regional pain and is in a wheelchair. She was a perfect candidate for having a service dog. And she finally got one.

The first time they met the girl knew that he was the one, as he was not scared of wheelchair and jumped into her lap and started licking her. They had an interesting journey together.

This pup was a great company for her during both happy and hard times.They were so so good together and pup helped Brittany out during most difficult times.

They have started the way together and finished it with each other as well. With her dog Brittany was sure that she is ready to graduate. And she did not want to go there alone and wanted to graduate with Griffin.

And the interesting thing is that the uni accepted the idea. And Griffing walked to the stage and got an honorary degree.
And everyone accepted that Griffin has demonstrated a huge effort for his owner. This duo achieved the graduate degree together. They were attenting to all classes together. Griffin was a full member of this huge family.

And they will of course still be with each other, support and work with one another.

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