A homeless curly-haired labrador extended its paw to people, hoping to get help


The stray animals are treated so badly. People do not even want give them bear bones, they had better throw it away than treat our four-legged friends.

The weather was very unstable from -18 to freezing rain. Every night the dog was waiting for me at the same time with food near my house. She had no place to go.

The dog’s name is Bertha and everytime she saw me she did not leave until she was tired of hugging. Sometimes she even brought her. But Bertha was extremely nobel.

As there was no place for then in animal hotel. I planned to take them out of the street gradually.

The next time when she Bertha came was an early morning and she was barking really loudly announcing her arrival.

And she was standing there having bunch of snow frozen in her curly furr, and at that moment I understood that it was the time to take the her to the hotel.

And luckily there was a place vacanted in the hotel tha day before. I considered my plan to be a failure when I could not find a collar with a leash.

And did not know how to persuade the dog to come into the apartment. But it seemed that she was waiting for an invitation all this time, she ran into the open door.

And when she came inside she greeted my mom, and gave her a paw that was so big almost the size of my palm.

As soon as Mom took her hand away, Bertha began to knock on her knee, demanding a continuation, and yelled even more loudly. The only thing she wanted was to sleep in silent and warm enviromente.

So we wiped her with a warm, dry towel and allowed her to sleep. Bertha was not modest and right away after the invitation jumped on the sofa curved into soft blankets and hugging the little toy fell asleep.

She was so sweet sleeping.

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