Amazing moment of mother gorilla cuddling her one month-old baby at the Bristol zoo


Look at this magnificent scene. This happened at Bristol Zoo. Where this mommy gorilla was seen careing and looking after her new born cub. The mom’s name is Kala and she is 9-year-old.

She brough to light her baby during the night and with her was the dad there.

The father, Jock, was just a few meters away, and others, the rest of the family was nerby supporting her.

This view is so touching and exciting. New-born baby of gorilla is something so very special.

There is something very unique about them. They are so iconic and characteristic types.

They have such a cute look. Momma gorilla loves her child so much and cares for the newborn with so much affection and love.

She adores hugging her 1-month old kid.

They look so cute!!

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