This kind lady turns her home into pet hospice and cares for 80 elderly dogs at once


Encounter this benevolent woman Valerie Reid, she is a wonderful lady that could not bare the idea of aged dogs passing wawy in aloneness, so she turned her home into an animal hospice.

She is 44-years and this idea came into her mind when she had problems to find a home for her father’s old Doberman. Nowadays she looks after 80 dogs. She opened her hospice back in 2017.

She and her spouse were at their city pet limit and were not able to take her. They searched everywhere for a saviour but no one was ready to help. So she decided that no old dog should struggle like that.

And she is currently taking all elderly pups to her place whose owners has passed away or moved to a retirement house.

The dogs live with them openly and go everywhere they go and they enjoy their time. They are like family member. This couple tries to help everybody in need.

They always mention that we should pass our seniors in love and comfort. Of course it hurts but loving and caring for them is an honour. And what comes to pups they really their time with Valeria.

They have fun during the last of their lifes.

At first she just wanted to help those in need like her dad and then this became a due as she understood that there was no segment of the rescue world.

They moved out of their home in Kansa into their new house that has 3000- square foot home with a 1700-square foot yard just for the dogs.

All they want is to know that the dogs left the logs knowing that they were cherished and loved. All in all the only thing they wanted is to feel cared about.

And the couple enjoyed the idea of having so many little hearts loving them back. Now they keep 17 fuul time workers to take care of the pups.

For this time long they have put in a way almost 790 dogs into their next lives.

All of us need to understand that we should think about future , and that not only includes spouses and children but also having pets.

Death is not something scary we just need to accept that we are going to face it. So wee need to live the aware time fully and happily.

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