Meet Monty the famous “down syndrome” cat who’s capturing everyone’s hearts all over the world


In Copenhagen Michael and Mikala live with this amazing little fella. Monty was in shelter when this couple saw him and he was totally different from others.

Because of chromosome abnormality he was born with. And it’s the thing that gives him a lovely and unique face. So having him his parents decided to create for him an insta page and shared his beauty with the whole world.

Shortly after Monty became a hit. And from the very beginning he showed is character that is very rare just like a dimond.

Monty was sharing room with other cats and they have been aggressive towards him but now everything is fine and they just enjoy each others company.

And Monty’s parents did everything for him to feel good.

Monty loves lying on your lap and he keeps our company until we wake up. And his cuddling heaven is in the arms of his dad Michael.

He is not afraid and loves to be at the vet as well, very good and brave fella.

We wish that Monty will become an example for all the cats that not look ordinary too be more brave and harmonious with themselves.

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