Soldier was criticized for wanting to adopt ‘scary’ dog which saved him no matter what adopted him


Dogs have always been our best friends and also life savers. We very often can read or hear about pups on television or on the internet, but we may not get what their aim is.

There are bunch of stories where you can read about cute or service dogs and lots of catchy stories about them. How many stories are there about military dogs?

In the case of war when everything is very tight and every minute is counted the canines can relly be helpful. They are able to sniff the enemies from afar, and they are especially trained to find snipers and explosives.

And also they can relocate wounded soldiers to safer areas, places that are not visible.

And no matter how much work they do, military dogs after retiring may not find their forever homes and they may not me valued they way they need to be. What’s the worst thing is that they can be put down or be taken to shelters.

Meet Layka a military combat dog that got shot for 4 times by enemy, while saving the lifes of others. So her handler that was with her all the time Julian McDonald, fought very hard to adopt her after everything.

Though there were many people criticising him for that, but they now live a happy life together and enjoy everyday. Their story is an inspirational one.

And when he got shot for the first time, Julian said that he owe her everything he has. And Layka even after being badly injured still attacked and subdued the enemy saving all the human’s lifes in Julian’s team.

To tell the truth we doubt weather any human would do so or not. She is a real hero, a very brave dog. And everybody felt bad because of what happened to her but they were also grateful for saving their life.

After injuries Layka’s life changed greately, as she was not allowed get to go back to work., She lost her leg. So at that time Julian made his mind to adopt though many people were against.

People were saying that she is too aggressive and she cannot be taken home, but the man fought till the end and won over everuthing.

They deserve to have forever home and family as well. And Julian was ready to give her that love and care. And he was not mistaken to take him.

And when the first time she met with Julian’s sone they became immediate friends and Layka even could be considered the boy’s guard.

She has settled into family life wonderfully. If they are brought to home they will become a product of that enviroment as they know how to survive.

And we should know that not only she but lots of dogs are neglected nowadays and they ned love and care. We humans should give them second chance of beautiful life and real care.

And also make sure to watch their beautiful story below in the video, and share it with your friends!

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