Zoo celebrates birth of endangered Amur tiger triplets, their generation is gonna be saved


New lives are always welcomed in our world especially in the zoo and in the case of endangered animals. Each birth is a hope that these species can be saved and new generations can come.

And now imagine a situations where a triple was born. So in Roosevelt Park Zoo, in Minot, North Dakota, an amur tiger Zoya gave birth to three cubs. This miracle happened on March 19.

The zoo has been preparing for this birth from the breeding time of the mother. They were waiting for the cubs to bond with their mom and they will take them to veterinary examinations.

Mom was caring for them so gartely and carefully the moment is just magnificant.

Due to being targeted by poachers these type sof tigers were been considered endangered species by the IUCN Red List.

Despite the efforts to save they they are fewer then 4000 today in the world so every new born baby is a help for repopulation.

This is an inspiring step for the mom and for these species so congratulations to them. For them the zoo created a special area so that they can have naturalistic and large enclosure to live in.

Everyone in the zoo was proud to be a member of this conservation story. And the cubs now are away from public view as they are bonding with their mom but they will be available when they get older.

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